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That's Bull Shmit™ comedy Short debuted on Television in early 2002.  Shot in 1997 by Paul Howard, the Pilot  featured new screen talents Tony Fisher and Lisa Benson. The character concept was developed by Paul Howard as the result of a joke made in front of Robert Burton (The Las Vegas Strip Show™ host). Characteristics from several of Paul Howard's friends and acquaintances have become part of the infamous Bill Shmit™ character in, That's Bull Shmit™.
Video Credits - 1
Guy who buys red Jeep - Tony Fisher
Used car sales woman - Lisa Benson
Bill Shmit™ - Paul Howard
Boy on skateboard - Steven Howard
Woman - car was hit - Anonymous
Audio Credits - 2
Jr. - Steven Howard
Old man selling car - Ted Miller
Truck driver - Steven Howard
Truck driver's brother - Andrew Searson
Bill Shmit™ - Paul Howard
Audio Credits - 3
TV Show Host - Anonymous
Bill Shmit™ - Paul Howard
Big Bob™ - Steven Howard
Woopie Cushion - Steven Howard 
 Test Drive Audio PC - Mac

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